Infrastructure Management

It is a fundamental building block for any organization to achieve a DevOps methodology. pure software DevOps services utilize the cloud in improving reliability and scalability

Configuration Management

It enforces the state across IT infrastructure, as well as standardizes configuration, this can be done in an agile and automated manner

Environment Management

Our management services help in managing your code, make your server and services ready for your consumers and automate your platforms


Automating the deployed project makes the companies more agile and efficient while reducing the risk and overall production time


With the help of this, IT teams and developers can use the same network environments, further reducing costs substantially

Code Integration & Inspection

Continuous integration leads to clean code. It helps improve code, and ensure quality build and code reports


We are the leaders in the

We are an energetic mind, fueled with technical skills since automation begins. HONCHI will be your backup for your organization from the technical prospects. Transforming monolithic to micro and datacenter to cloud migration is the major involvement of the team. Since while expertly placed in the partner organization has given the strength to digitalization. HONCHI is a leading DevOps services and solutions provider helping enterprise, early-stage startups innovate and transform the way applications are developed and deployed.

HONCHI Services include a cloud-hosted application development environment that supports continuous testing and maintenance. Our organization Cloud-based DevOps makes it easier to collaborate, putting all the tools in the cloud so they can be accessed by users anywhere. DevOps as a Service means faster testing and deployment. Generally, using cloud services enables increased release frequency. It also gives developers more computing power and data storage as they need it that's all expertise can be avail from honchi as experts belong from 15 to 30 years of experience.

Our Skills

  • DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning
  • DevOps Tool Stack Construction and Pilot Framework
  • DevOps End-to-End Implementation

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